Week 3 ~ The King of all Trees…The Olive Tree

The King of all Trees

 I find myself waking up in the morning ready to go at 4 AM which is unbelievable.  I feel a huge difference in my reading by removing the word WILL from each paragraph. Change is always around the corner for everyone but, we are unable to see it until we are ready to embrace it.

 I was driving back from dropping my wife off at work and I repeated “do it now, do it now” 25 times. All of a sudden red circles appeared everywhere from traffic signals to reflecting markers that people stick in the ground in front of their driveways.

 I mentioned in our tribe that during the Sits, I felt like my body was beginning to float or my soul was leaving my body I don’t know how to put it in words but it was very light feeling and is soon as I recognize what was happening it went away but I continue to get the tingling as I remove all thoughts and just relax.


Week 2 ~ Controlling my thoughts

Everything happens for a reason. I’m a subcontractor, working for a company that helps car dealerships fill in management positions when people take permanent vacation. I was heading back from Mobile, Alabama to my home in Clemmons, North Carolina after I had worked for a dealer group for two weeks. I received notification that they were not going to pay me my full invoice amount. So, I sent a group text stating that the invoice was true and correct and I expected full payment to the owner of my company, the GM of the four stores and the Dealer Principal. The next text that I got said you’ll get what we pay you from the GM. The owner of my company cowardly stated “thank you we’ll handle it from here”. All I can say is if it wasn’t for this course things would’ve gone completely different that day. I have a lot of “cement” to chip away but I thank God that I am part of this MKE class of 2019.

Week 1 ~ MKMMA ~ The struggle is real 🦅

I’m finding the change of my daily routine of reading and completing each tasks isn’t the struggle. In fact, I am embracing the positive flow of week one. It’s dealing with others whether it’s in my daily commute or handling irate customers that my thoughts go back to the OLD me⚰️. I’m realizing quickly that the negative energy needs to leave my mind ASAP. I have 50 years of cement to chip away. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted my GOLDEN CHILD to appear or reappear than how I’m feeling right now (quite frankly no one told me I had a golden child until now.) I just wish I had a jackhammer⛏⚒

Week 1 ~ Today I begin a new life

My journey begins with day one of the Master Key MasterMind Alliance. Like Mark J said “it’s like drinking water from a fire hydrant hose” I’m looking forward to revealing my Golden Child. In preparations to prepare myself for this journey I cancel my subscription with DIRECTV which is probably one of the most difficult sacrifices because I’m such a sports freak and this year it looks like Tampa is going to have one of their best seasons ever. I know God has a purpose for me and I truly believe this is the direction that he wants me to go.